Rent luxury limousines including the driver

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Rental of luxury limousine

Welcome to rent with luxury limousines Daimler DS 420. This is a gem of a car, use it for special occasions and Queen of England herself. Enjoy the perfect in-car experience, of which there are only five Czech Republic.

Let yourself be pampered luxury and surround. Indulge in comfort including all services that belong to the limo. Gives you confidence and image, you will get your attention okanžitě surroundings.

Luxury limousine will take you wherever you wish.

Realize your dreams.

  • a memorable wedding day
  • significant family events and anniversaries
  • social and corporate events
  • romantic trip in two
  • binge after nightclubs

Meet waiting for you. The English beauty. Non-traditional limousine, you have met every day on Czech roads. It offers something completely unique...